Hazrat Abdur Rehman Jami

Maulana Abdur Rahman Jamiعلیہ الرّحمہ 

Name and Lineage: 

His name is‘ABDUR RAHMAN’and titleis‘Jami’ as well as his respected father’s name is Maulana Nizamuddin Ahmed Dashti son of Shamsuddin Muhammad. 

Date of Birth: 

He was born at‘Jam area’ Kharjard village in Hirat on 23rdShaban-ul-Mukarram, 817 AH/ 2nd November, 1414 AD. 


He took an oath of the allegiance on the blessed hand of Hazrat Khawaja Ubaidullah Ahrarرحمۃ اللہ تعالٰی علیہ. 


He owned the pleasant nature. He used to say that immature peoplegive the name of love to the lasciviousness and their love cannot reach to the street of ‘Ishq-e-Haqiqi’ (the real love).Atrue lover is the person whose heart is filled with ardor and he would stay away from carnal desires and the comfort.The real love(with Almighty Allah) was correctly existing in his blessed heart andtruly, he was a Dervish. The humility, lowliness, refraining from the pretense andsinceredevotion were obviously conspicuous through his movements, his words and actions.He was a perfect scholar in following the rules of Shariah. He was adorned with all those virtues and attributes, which are necessary for Sufis to teach their followers.Showing off and filth of the pretense were absolutely not found in him. If someone comes to him, he would sit with him as long that person would not go himself from there.He also got sickdue to long sitting but he did not give up his noble habit. He used to try to sit at the most down place. If it were possible to sit on the doorstep, he would sit on there. He would participate in eating along with common people. He had more allure of informal meals. Much talking was not his habit.He used to say to the attendees,that friends! Say something, I do not have anything to say. 

He was a helper to the elderly people and cooperative to the oppressed people.If he findsareal needy person, he would secretly help him. He built a Madrasa in Herat city as well asa Madrasa and a Khanqah in Khayaban, and a Masjid in Jam. He donated many properties to the Madrasa of Khayaban. He used to say about saying like this, “I did this work in the way of Almighty Allah”, it is far from sincerity.He had hatred for flattering the rich people and especially to the rulers, rather he used to advise them through his lettersto become pious man. Therefore, by opposing the king of that time,he wrote a letter to the King that “O king! You are fond of which throne, that is impermanent and this life is about to annihilate. Neither the era nor the earth will remain.Do some goodness, as possible as you can because it is the only thing, that will give you benefit. 


He passed away on Friday at the time of Adhan, on 18th Muharram-ul-Haram in 898 AH/ 14th November, in 1492 AD and his blessed Shrine is in Herat, Afghanistan.  


Preface ‘Nafhat-ul-Anas’