Whatsapp And Our Responsibilitities

Whatsapp and Our Responsibilities

Whatsapp groups are generally made for the purpose of publicizing of the Islam and promoting of the Ahle Sunnat. For this, a few things are significant for the whatsapp groups.


  • Rules and regulations of the group should be followed, so that reputation of the group may not be undermined.
  • Do not forward any post without reading well.
  • Review post as per the Shariat, otherwise it(carrying forward unreliable things) can be detrimental for the hereafter.
  • Take the precaution to send the posts/ images into those groups, where they are disallowed.
  • Rectification manner should be courteous for unnecessary posts.
  • The news, announcements, events, date of the programs, place and time etc. should be shared after confirmation.
  • Check the speeches(which delivered byScholars and Muftis),signature (for the announcement), scan and latter paid etc.so that you may not be involved in spreading fake posts.
  • Do not share any post which belong to the evil faith and Wahhabi Maulvis or their senior scholars.
  • Preaching groups of Deobandi are spreading their concepts in the disguise of Ahle Sunnat in this era, so protect the groups of Ahle Sunnat from such conceptions.
  • Do not share advertising messages and greedy postsfor companies and websites.
  • Participants of the group are upset from coming too much posts, keep considerate of others.
  • The identity of Ahle Sunnat is Maslak-e-Ala Hazrat رحمۃ اللہ تعالٰی علیہ in this era.Follow it strictly and use whatsapp/ Facebook and other social sites according to it.
  • All the Salasil (spiritual genealogies) are ours.Thus, refrain from hurting them.
  • Criticism should be positive and keep inview of the sectarian stability. Avoid from humiliating to your acquaintancesandrefrain from abusing too.
  • Mention the same words of the seniors as they said, fluctuating in this regard on your behalf, is extremely nefarious.
  • It is requested to the Scholars who are added in groups that keep guiding to the group according to the Shariah.

 Only for Admins

 Take permission before adding someone in the group.

  1. If you want to add the Scholars in group, get their permission first before adding them.
  2. Inform each member of the group first about the rules and regulations of the group.
  3. Reform politely atmember’s mistake.
  4. Provide the good and standard posts with fair argument.
  5. Send the post for rectifying the beliefs, deeds and morality too.
  6. Do not add to evil faith people in Sunni groups, this effect might be worse on our brothers.


These points have been prepaid (by Ghulam Mustafa Razavi)with the feelings of good will. Guidance of the Scholars at any mistake, will be beacon.

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