Three Advice of a Sparrow (Hikayat-e-Roomi)

A man caught a small bird (a sparrow). Sparrow asked the man: "What are you going to do with me?"

The man said: “In fact I am starving; I am going to barbeque you.”

Bird said: "I weigh less than two ounce. You’ll gain nothing from eating me. I’ll make a deal with you. If you release me I’ll teach you three important advices. First one I’ll tell you while I am in your hand, the second one when I rest on the branch of the tree, and the third when I sit on the top of the tree."

Man said; ”That is a good deal. Tell me the first advice.”

Bird said: "When you loose something or some one you love let it go, forget about it, everything has to go some day".

The man said that was a good advise and he released the bird.

The bird sat on the top of the tree and said; “Never believe in impossible promises.” Then she sat on the top of the tree and said; “You looser if you had killed me you would have found three ounces of Gold in my stomach.”

The man feeling sorry for the lost wealth, bit his fingers and sighed loudly. Then he asked: "At least tell me the last advice."

The bird said: “You already forgot the first two advices how would you benefit from the third one? I told you don’t worry about lost things and I told you do not believe the impossible things. I hardly weigh two ounces how would I carry three ounces of Gold ?” She said that and flew away.

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