Importance of Prayer in Islam

Many virtues of offering Prayer and severe punishments for abandoning it have been stated in the Holy Quran and Hadiths. Therefore, the 9th Ayah of Surah Munafiqoon in Parah 28 says:

O believers! Let not your wealth and your children make you negligent from the remembrance of Allah and whoever does that, they are the losers.

(Translation of Quran from Kanzul Iman)

Hazrat Syedna Imam Muhammad Bin Ahmad Zahabi narrates that the honourable Mufassirin says, "In this Holy Ayah, the remembrance of Allah refers to the five daily Prayer, therefore, the one who does not offer his Salah at its specified time because of his preoccupation with his wealth (i.e. trading), cultivation and employment, goods and his children, it at loss". (Kitab-ul-Kabair, p. 20)

The Very First Question on the Day of Judgment

The beloved and blessed Prophet said, "On the day of Judgment, the very first question that will be asked to man out of his deeds will be about Prayer (Salah); if his Prayer (Namaz) is correct he will succeed but if it is incomplete, he will be disgraced and will suffer loss." (Al-Mu"jam-ul-Awsat-lit-Tabrani, p. 32, vol. 3, Hadis 3782)

 Noor for Musalli

The Prophet of mankind, the peace of our heart and mind, the most generous and kind (May Allah Peace and Blessings be upon him) said, "The one who secures his Prayer (Salah), the Salah (Namaz) will be Nur, evidence and salvation for him on the day of judgment; and the one who does not protect it, there will be no Noor, evidence or salvation for him on the Day of Judgment and such a person will be kept with Pharaoh, Qarun, Haman and Ubay bin Khalaf on the day of judgment." (Musnad Imam Ahmad, p. 574, vol. 2, Hadis 6587)